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My 870 likes the cheap bulk Winchester buckshot from Wal-mart just fine. It is only 2-3/4" 9 pellet 00, but that is PLENTY. It throws a 12" pattern consistently at 15 yards. A shotgun is not a long range weapon with buckshot. I would limit my shooting in an urban environment to the max range the shotgun will keep all the pellets on a man sized silhouette. In the woods, or other rural setting where collateral damage is not a major concern, who cares if all the pellets strike the target? At longer range, having the extra pellets gives you more of a chance of getting some in the kill zone. Also, if you don't like the way your gun patterns with plain old 00 buck, try some Federal premium copper plated, or any copper or nickle plated buckshot, especially if it has a flite control wad, or other shotcup (Remington makes some loads like this now). These will be as good as it gets with buckshot. On a last note, I don't care to shoot 3" loads, especially buckshot, as they really slow down your recovery time, and beat the hell out of you.
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