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Originally Posted by Bud:
I am puzzled by this for the simple reason that it isn't difficult at all to realize that someone that hasn't grown up around horses might be afraid of them.

Thinking one level deep ... to the next conclusion, without some logic processing to the end of your argument may do your argument little good.
I didn't think it necessary to complete the analogy by explaining it: People who are afraid of horses because they have no first-hand experience with them, and people who are afraid of guns because they have no first-hand experience with them, seem to me to similar enough situations to enable the comparison. I thought that would have been clear from the context in which I wrote the analogy.

Originally Posted by Bud:
..Liberalism and Conservatism do not have to be reconciled. I take that to mean some interbreeding of philosophy to reach a common political point of view. Partisanship is okay. Really. That's why we have elections. Life is a struggle. And we see policy made day-to-day, right now, with little, if any, reconciliation and compromise. Maybe that's isn't how it is supposed to be, but take a look at how it's working.
I meant "reconciled" in the sense that they must find a common ground, a position both can live with on an issue before them so that legislation can be passed. That's how it works under normal circumstances- that is, when one side or the other doesn't have enough votes to pass legislation without some from the other side voting with them, thereby demanding that a compromise be found that enough from both sides will vote for to get it passed. This is the situation the Founders had in mind when they established the rules under which legislation gets enacted. That's not exactly the situation now- the Dems have a majority in both houses of Congress and hold the White House, but that's not permanent by any means, and recent history shows that there isn't consensus among all the Dems in the Senate anyway.

"Interbreeding", to me, infers the creation of a new perspective that's an offspring of the 2 originals, and that's NOT required by our system of government, only that they must agree on a compromise before anything gets passed, under normal circumstances, but they don't have to change their fundamental tenets.

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