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The standard for a cylinder bore barrel is 1 inch per 1 yard. This is what an average barrel will do. If you are getting a 25 inch pattern at 25 yards count it as good. You are looking for a reasonable pattern in a HD or riot type shotgun, not a super tight pattern. Spread is your friend within reason. It might be nice to get 3/4 inch per yard or 1 1/2 per yard, depending on what you are going to engage. If it is a single bad guy tight is better, but per say it is a crowd. A slightly wider pattern is nice for that use. Sometimes it is making mountains out of mole hills to get too wrapped up in pattern sizes. So long as the spread is even and not doughnut shaped it will be fine. Going much beyond 25 yards in a SD situation will be hard to explain in a court room anyway. Unless it is a mass riot and then I want a duck bill for maximum spread to get as many as I can at once. People tend to lose courage when two and three fall at once.

I don't get what the problem is. From what you have posted earlier, both are within acceptable limits for a cylinder bore barrel. Many shotguns with a cylinder bore barrel throw pellets outside an 18 inch target at 20 yards and people pay good money to improve their guns with Vang Comp and such just to get to 25 or 30 yards with all pellets in an 18 inch circle. You should be happy with the performance you got from both brands. If you want real tight pattern go with some tri-ball loads. It will cost you though. They are not cheap. Better yet, load your own shells and you can get the best you can, as you'll be the final judge in the QC of your ammo.

Want to see a real crappy pattern? Try some wolf buckshot. You will get 15 inches at 10 yards most likely.
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