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MAG Pouches

does anybody know of online where i could go about purchasing some mag pouches that fill these criteria:

1. close to your hip (or meet IDPA rules requirments concerning distance from the body)

2. not designed SPECIFICALLY for a certain magazine, such as i could use them with a 9mm glock, xd, m&P ect. or some similar instance

3. Have some kind of tension adjustment like with a screw or knob or whatnot

4. are designed in a way where they can be stacked up against eachother fairly easily on your belt, not having to be spaced apart hardly at all due to design

5. come in single pouches

6. cheap(?)

thanks. im mainly looking for something that will fit my xdm9 magazine but then have the ability to hold other 9mm striker fired pistol mags as well. mainly glock, xd, m&p, taurus, berretta, you know.
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