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What volunteering or education are you doing to support our rights?
What ideas do you have for volunteering or education that others could also do?
I joined and volunteer for Project Appleseed for this very reason. I wanted something more than just joining the NRA, GOA, and writing my reps. While not a 2A organization, per se, one of our core beliefs is that the tradition and heritage of rifle marksmanship has been lost through the years and is slowly dying. This unfamiliarity with the utility and practicality of not only owning firearms but how to use them is a contributing factor to the erosion of our 2A right. It is Project Appleseed's mission to ensure this skill is not lost now or for our posterity.

In addition, we present pieces of early American colonial history that most likely are not (or have not been) taught in schools. Our contention is that if folks knew more about our "mythical" forebears and saw them as regular folks who cherished their freedoms, understood the deeds they undertook, and truly realized their sacrifice, then maybe, just maybe, people will have a deeper appreciation for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Just maybe they will take a moment to write their representative (no matter who they voted for) and to start keeping tabs on their elected officials. We impress upon our attendees that they are the owners of this country. And that being a Rifleman (with a capital "R") is much more than having the ability to shoot anything within a 500 yard radius.

It truly is a great program.
"They have men amongst them who know very well what they are about..."
- Lord Hugh Percy, on the events of April 19, 1775
Do you know what you're about? Find out at an Appleseed near you.

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