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I stopped at Dick's to check on various new pricing, New Mossbergs and Remingtons were in the 230-250 range, also the inline camo covered BP rifles were in the $250 range. There is the big Pro/C&E Show in Columbus this weekend about 8 miles from me so I will make a stop there and see what they have, but I don't hold much hope for that particular show. The Pro/C&E Shows tend to be filled with superfluous crap like t-shirts and toys. If the in town show is a bust then I'll be heading down to Lancaster to see what Charlie Barnes and Ohio Vally Trading has laying around. Then it's down to the farm with the topo map to recon the property where I'll be hunting.

As a side note Dicks had Federal 714 .22lr ammunition in stock (My Kimber shoots bug holes at 50 yards with the stuff) I just used up my last box over the summer and have been looking for over a year to replenish my stock. I picked up the last 6 bricks and should be set for another couple of years. Now at least I'll have some accurate ammo to put in the Kimber for my recon/squirrel hunting trip down to the farm.
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