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Most of use love to harvest trophy deer...especially out west where the Mulies can reach the statis of Montster Buck....But

This Regulation poses a HUGE THREAT to our trophy deer!! A three point buck has 3 points in his genes and will never be a 4 point ....deer do not grow more tines as they mature. There are a few exceptions but this is almost always the case.!! They grow mass, size and length, but do not add tines after 3 1/2. and usally their 2nd set of antlers is what their tine count will always be.

This is important to prevent, remove and stop this regulation... Sure the little 1 1/2year old spikes and 2points will mature as there first set of antlers is not the end of their story...but at 2 1/2-3 1/2 you will know if they have potental or not. All managed hunting facilities know that this is the time to remove the dinks..3 and 4 point bucks to allow the 5's to do the breeding. Ever heard the term "Management Buck"?
If you are after meat you need to be shooting dry does anyway and not these bambi 1 1/2 year old bucks...the does will be way bigger anyway.

Outdoor life did a research article on this years ago with deer who were followed and their sheds collected and cataloged...the results Once a Dink Buck Always a Dink Buck!!)

The 4point regs kills off all/most of the 2 1/2 year old 4 points (that are not even close to mature yet) and lets all the bad "Dink" Gened 3 points and two points live on to do the breeding..

This is a very sure way to remove the trophy from the woods.
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