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Will read the entire thread to see if I am duplicating another's opinion...

I am 100% against anything but a "nubbin" or 4 inch spike rule to determine sex...

The 4 point or better rule is nuttin' more than a "feel good" sort of rule.

A 10 year old 180 pounder could have 3 on each side and be a "brood buck" but he needs removed from the gene pool. A 4X4 2.5 year old is not yet a brrod buck but should be let walk a few years to see if he ain't a 6X6 in waiting...
If a state wants to restrict bucks, they need to train hunters to cull the junk as well as hunt the bruisers.

Antler restrictions are not really near as good as teaching to closely judge age while lookin' at junk or trophy wood. The season needs to plan for both the trophy hunter as well as the meat gatherer.
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