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Colorado has a 4 pt rule on elk in some areas,which,to me makes sense.
The Game Management Units are prtty much about the range of a particular herd,and are a tool to manage that herd.

The DOW asked for input many years ago,and I participated.

They must consider,there are locals who want a low $ hunt for the freezer.

There are outfitters and sporting goods stores and hotels and restauants concerned about their way of life(Big game hunting revenue in Colo is greater than ski revenue)

There is the "once in a lifetime elk hunter" who wants a big bull,but more,he wants a wild country experience,and seeing 300 other hunters a day isn't it
Or a dad and a 16 year old daughter or son want a safe,local trip that they can do.

Then,the herds must be managed for health.The range and forage must be managed.

Add to that,ranchers and grazing leases and moving cattle herds in the fall.

The DOW has a balance to find.

In Colo,they manage different GMUs with different priorities,and its not bad.

There are local,easy,hunts,but lower your exectations.There are remote big bull hunts,get your wallet out.Its about as fair as it can be,IMO
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