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Love at first sight (a modern story)

Forgive me for I am sinning. I'm still reading modern material. This is a story of youth and love at first sight. I'm sure everyone here will understand how the writer feels.

The most exciting part of my training was the day I got my very own AK-47 assault rifle, after weeks of practice with a wooden dummy. It was love at first sight. I sat there on the ground stroking the barrel, the stock, the mechanism. I turned that marvelous weapon from side to side....Truly, a wave of passion rolled over my soul in that moment. What a feeling!

When I learned how to take the weapon apart, it was a flight into ectasy for me. I spread out a large cloth on the ground, then carefully laid each piece in orderly arrangement, gazing at it lovingly. "How beautiful!" I whispered to myself. A pleasant shiver ran down my spine. It was mine, all mine.

I cleaned every piece, even though the weapon was already clean. I rubbed the parts down with the soft cloth the weapons expert had provided, until they gleamed in the sun. I held them one at a time to my cheek, like a cat lover would hold up a kitten. Then I applied new lubrication to all the necessary parts before reassembling. What a gorgeous creation it became once again in my hands!

I assembled and disassembled this rifle numerous times, until I became one of the fastest in my unit. As time passed, I could do it even with my eyes closed. I knew every part instantly by its form. The weapon became almost a part of me, like the fingers of my hand, moving smoothly and instantly at my command.

With this exquisite partner I would pursue the dream of my life: to destroy Israel. I was totally unconcerned about getting home alive. That didn't matter to me. I only cared to press the mission for my people's victory.
OK, as you surmised, the writer is Palestinian. Later, he comes to America, finds Christ, becomes a Christian and abandons his terrorist ways. This is taken from his book, Once An Arafat Man by Saada.
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