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My take on this. I won't own a Mossberg for all the reasons stated above. On the Win. 94. Over the latest years they had cheapened it to the point it was only a shell of its former self. I.E> compare a pre-64 to anything that came later. I own and shoot a lot of lever guns from .22 to 45/70. I was died in the wool Win. fan until they cheapened them to the point the wouldn't hold up to a lot of sustained shooting. The last 3 I bought, a pack rifle in 30/30 and 2 Win. bigbore 444's basically self destructed under sustained fire. I still have some Wins. but they are older and made better. I have switched to Marlin for my lever needs now. My 2 ea. 444p's have digested 1000's of rounds and are no worse for the wear.
If the Win 94 ever comes back I hope its made with the quality of old. What they did during the last years of production was count on their earlier reputation as Colt did to sell an inferior product and the market didn't go for it. My $0,02 is that Marlin still makes the best all steel and walnut lever gun available today.
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