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very few people have made any good points whatsoever, and all this thread does is perpetuate bipartisan politics no matter how you break it. A lot of you make blanket statements and I saw "socialism" thrown around a couple of times... here's how liberal and conservative generally breaks down, ready?

Liberal(Democrat): wants to give people aid
Conservative(Republican): doesn't want to give out hand outs
(technically, this division is actually an issue of state rights vs. federal power)

that's it. That's how it works. Conservative politicians generally try to give people the tools with which to help themselves without having to redistribute the status quo. Liberals tend to redistribute values and status to help people. That's the difference.

Gun rights has nothing to do with it. Neither do abortions or any other single issue.

We're mixing up stereotypes and "ideologies" with bipartisan politics. I'm a "liberal," but I hate EPA laws and gun laws. I know several others like me. As well, I know "conservatives" who drive priuses and are pro choice and anti gun.

Alot of ya'll are just making it a black and white issue, pigeon holing and prejudicing.
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