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I concede that car accident rates weren't a good choice to make my point with, because cars have undergone a lot of safety improvements in the last 25 years- seat belts, crash standards, air bags, etc. and it shows in the accident rates and numbers.

But it makes logical sense to me that an increase in the number of people with CC permits means an increase in the number of people who are carrying concealed weapons; there aren't many reasons to be confident that they all are competent, knowledgeable and self-disciplined enough to never make any mistakes or have any accidents with their guns; the only conclusion logically available is that the risks of inadvertent or illegal injury with guns is increased. For it not to be, it must be shown that every new CC permit is given to someone who will never make a mistake or lose their head in a situation and involve the gun in a bad way. Just reading what some people post on this forum is enough to discourage any confidence in that possibility.
At it's root, the argument still says, if there weren't any guns, there wouldn't be any shootings. But there is no doubt there would still be violent crime like murder, rape, or robbery... probably more of it in fact. It's like saying, if we never discovered how make and use fire, fewer people would have burned to death. It's true at face value, but people would have had a harder time surviving without it and so more would have died without fire than with it.

Mind you, I tend to be a left-leaning fellow, but the more I look at the logic behind gun control, the less it makes sense. It seems like most of the anti-gun cities in America are also ones I would NEVER want to live in, not necessarily because they don't have gun rights, but because they're so dangerous. California is the most restrictive state in the USA when it comes to guns, they limit the kinds of guns you can own, they are "may issue," and so on. Yet in a recent ranking of the 15 most dangerous cities in the USA, 3 Californian cities (Oakland, Richmond, and Compton) made the list. The top spot was taken by Camden, NJ, and NJ is also a very anti-gun state. If you can find counter-examples, I am all ears, but I haven't yet heard of any city that actually became a much safer place because guns were disallowed.
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