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Huntergirl - I'm not sure what "trend" you're trying to illuminate. Thompson Center is owned by Smith&Wesson, not Marlin. And Marlin is owned by Remington, which is in-turn owned by Cerberus (an investment company...the same one that also bought Chrysler and is losing their arse). Winchester (and Browning) is owned by FNH and is nothing but trademarks for sale now. Now here's a point worth considering: As good as the Winchester and Marlin lever-guns are... Mossberg is the only PROFITABLE large US firearmsmaker producing a lever-gun today. In '06, when Winchester closed their New Haven, CT plant (which made their model 94 btw)... many of those workers went to Mossberg (also in New Haven, CT).

Again, the winchester's and marlins are great guns. But as you say, with the number of people reporting negative experiences (of use) with the 464, and the number of people asking about 464's, I thought it was worth noting my own 2yr experience, without discounting the experiences of others. Anyone making a purchasing decision today is fortunate enough to have the benefit of reviews on the internet and that's all we're doing.
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