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I am such an idiot, My apologies to Doyle, Who must be starting to think I'm a bonafied loon. He had the answer in his first post and I refused to hear him. And big thanks to shortwave for making me go back a reread the laws.

After rereading the Ohio hunting laws a muzzle loader is the perfect choice. I already have most the BP gear left over from a crappy flintlock pistol. And it gives me that 100 yard reach if I need it. There was an inline stainless and plastc rifle at my local club for $100. I would prefer a traditional Hawken but I think those may be out of my price range.

There is a big show in town this weekend and I will see what I can come up with. Who knows I might get lucky.

For those who may wonder why an old gun guy does not know the deer hunting laws in his own state, I have never liked hunting on public land, too many bubba's for my taste. I just last week got permission to hunt on 5000 acres of private land near Logan Ohio after reconnecting with an old highschool friend. Hence the rush, the low budget, and the ignorance of the specific deer laws.
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