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Another newbie

I started shooting trap 3 months ago with a Mossberg 500 that's older than I am, within a couple weeks I decided to upgrade as the 500 doesn't fit me very well. After doing a bunch of research I chose to buy a used Browning Citori Trap from the late seventies. It was cheap (875.00), has a Monte Carlo stock, 32" barrels and fixed chokes and the best part is it fits me almost perfectly. It's tons easier to shoot well then the Mossberg was and the POI is about 70/30 which works perfect for trap shooting. I had a couple other options but the Citori fit me best right off and I keep hearing that the gun has to shoot where you look without fiddling around so that was what I focused on in my search. I will probably add a adjustable comb over the winter to dial in the last little bit but it is already light years ahead of the Mossy.
The Mossberg is getting a second chance with my wife who is trying out trap also. I am using a book by Rollin Oswald to fit the gun to her. We have the comb just about right with cardboard and tape next will be figuring out how much toe she needs and then I will try my hand at making the changes permanent with bondo and such before getting her a fancy gun. That way we will both get to learn some new skills. I probably should have done that for myself but hey, I needed a new gun.
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