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Doyle may have been thinking about Indiana, they started allowing pistol caliber rifles (of certain calibers) here a couple years ago.

Anyways, if none of your shots will be over 75 yards, a smoothbore with an improved cylinder choke and rifle sights will be fine. Try some different slugs like the Remington Sluggers and the Brenneke KO's and find one your gun likes. Then you also have a HD shotgun that can fire buckshot.

The sabot rounds are expensive, and at ranges of 75 yards or less, I prefer the simplicity and versatility of a smoothbore and plain cheap slugs.

You can shoot plain lead Foster style slugs out of a rifled barrel. I used to do it often, but expect some extra cleaning time. Also, if you buy the rifled barrel, I bet you end up spending the money on the top-of-the-line sabot slugs anyways.

Here's what I use:

After posting I saw the $200 limit. I would look for a used Mossberg or even a single-shot break action by NEF, H&R, or Rossi. The Rossi's have fiber optic rifle sights and a scope rail. So you wouldn't have to buy a scope. They can be had for $150-$175 new. I know someone who has one and it shoots fine.

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