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shotgun in Ohio is Nov 30- Dec 6 (7 days), the Dec 19 + Dec 20 (2 days)

Not sure where the three weeks is coming from. I've lived here all my life and hunt deer every year. I've never seen a 3 week deer gun season.

I own both smoothbores and rifled barrels. I have an Encore with a rifled slug barrel for stand hunting and I have a couple of Remington Semi auto smooth bores for driving and heavy cover hunting. I really like the smoothbore semi's for two reasons......reduced recoil and cheap slugs! I know lots of guys that shoot rifled slugs in their rifled barrels with no ill effects. My ten yr old shoots rifled slugs in his 20 g. Mossberg 500 rifled barrel and they group ok and don't even lead up the barrel.

Do you have a Dicks Sports store? they usually have those Mossberg combos on sale at this time of the year with a 28: VR field barrel ported and with three chokes tubes + a rifled ported cantilever barrel with a 2.5 power scope for around $270 with a $20 or 425 rebate. they have them in 12 g and 20 g. Then you have a field gun too. Good starts next monday!


No centerfire rifles at all yet.....hoping we get pistol caliber rifles soon! they changed the wording for handguns from just "straight walled cartridges .357 caliber or larger" to read: "These handguns must (a) have a barrel length of not less than 5 inches, (b)use straight-walled cartridges (no shoulder/neck: straight tapered wall is acceptible) and (c) be .357 caliber or larger." that took care of making my Encore pistol barrel in .45-70 legal since the wall is slightly tapered but straight. I'm not sure if there are any other straight walls that are tapered? .45-70 is a fairly stout handgun, but scoped 2-6x 32 and using Lever-Evolutions makes it a very long range pistol!!!

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