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I saw the pictures and read an article on the NEW 464, and it was all positive at first. But after reading all the real reviews from actual owners, it's not so good for the NEW 464.

After careful consideration, I decided to pick up another Authentic model 94 in addition to the one I already own. There are so many Excelent USED model 94s to be had ...especially in these times of great financial difficulties. Seems that many people are having to part with their guns for extra cash.

I recently found a mint condition Commorative model 94, it's the 1869-1969 Golden Spike for the Union Pacific Railroad completion. $400. for this Winchester and it shoots like a dream..very accurate indeed. Between new Marlins and plenty of used Winchesters, theres really no need to go fishing for something new in the Lever gun field. I come to the conclusion, that the best New gun, is a proven used one from a gun shop that comes with a 90 day warranty.
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