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I'm a guy but I have experienced unwelcome sexual advances. That is in no way a factor in my decision to carry a firearm. Threats to my physical safety is. So far those have always been two different things. If someone threatened my safety with the intention to coerce sex from me I would be defending myself from the physical threat, not the sex. I am capable of discerning the difference and fending off non-violent sexual advances against myself without having to resort to deadly force.

As for women, that is a whole different ballgame. I dated a nurse for a couple of years who had been raped before (by one of her patients). She lived in a not so nice place and I offered to leave one of my guns at her house. Turned out she would rather die than harm someone in self-defense. That's just how she was, I couldn't change her. Logic does not apply.

Something should be done to make women aware of the seriousness of the crime. I perceive that there has been a big change in how violent sexual assault is conducted these days days due to the hardening of penalties. Used to be the penalty for being caught for rape was similar to a normal felony (ten or fifteen years). Sure the victims were brutalized and suffered lifelong emotional distress but now it's changed to penalties of 30-40 years, perhaps even life. IMO this has motivated a lot of criminals to not leave their victim alive to witness against them. They must figure since the penalty is no different than murder why not try to improve their odds of escape?

These days child molestation and rape are practically synonymous with murder of the victim. They go hand in hand. It used to be rare but these days it is epidemic compared to how these crimes used to end. The game has changed, women however stayed the same in their reluctance to harm their attacker. It's as if they do not realize the escalation of danger which sexual assault has undergone.

I don't know of any such study but some statistics bringing this to light might help them to understand?
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