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There has been a movement in this country since the 1920's to portray users of firearms or those who resort to violence - even when necessary as uncouth, uncultured, uncivilized, redneck neanderthals. The early progressive party claimed that with our brains we could "choose" to avoid such brutish behaviors. These so-called progressives have tried to instill into us such silly notions as "violence never solves anything" or "fighting back only lowers you to their level".
Yes! This is how I was raised. I'm not sure if it started out as a progressive thing, so much as Vietnam Era, hippy kind of thinking that has now moved into progressive politics and anti-gun folks' thinking.

I woke up to a stranger in my bedroom and actually had people tell me (after I bought a gun), "could you really use a gun? How could you know what he wanted?"

As if it were my responsibility to invite him in for a cup of tea to discuss his motives before determining what to do.

I was shocked.

These women (and yes, they were all women), honestly thought it would be inappropriate to shoot a home intruder, even if you felt your life was in danger. And they don't see guns as a viable SD option.

Most of these women still think it's inappropriate to have a gun in the home.
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