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Mossberg went out of its league to manufacture this levergun, and did a mediocre job of it. I agree that 35 rounds out of a rifle really says nothing, outside of assessing fit and finish and general initial function. Others here CAN eyeball a rifle and give a generally accurate report of what they saw and handled. They have the experience, and DON'T have to buy it. Additionally, the Mossberg Levergun has now been around long enough to get a bigger survey, and as mentioned, it wasn't good.
Don't know what to say. There aren't many companies that can introduce a different pattern from their production line, and do it well. Thompson Center Icon comes to mind as an exception. They're owned by Marlin. And Marlin XL7, nice entry level bolt action. Hmmm, see a trend? Interestingly, I saw a Wnchester pre65, model 94 for $400. listed. It looked pretty darn good. Function listed as excellent. I don't doubt it. That makes it how old?

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