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Zombie, the thing that I love about Krav is that it's teaching me how to use my body aggressively. That's not anything I even thought I was capable of.

KM and guns are like peanut butter and jelly. One tastes much better with the other!

We have an upcoming "street clothes week" where I can wear heels, dress, etc, (as long as I'm okay with getting it all dirty), and FIGHT!

We also have an upcoming simmunition force-on-force training coming up, though unfortunately, I don't think I will be there.

They also do seminars on car jackings, home invasions, and more.

They teach utter brutality in the first 30 seconds so that you absolutely demolish your attacker. No rules.

And they teach gun takeaways, which is also useful for learning how to hang onto your gun (I hope!)
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