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One thing I'd like to add- a lot of women delude themselves into a very false sense of security with those $2.99 "pepper sprays" on the keychain or buried in a purse or glovebox. Usually they're a gift from dad that no one ever took the time to buy one and test out the "wicked" foot and a half urine-stream of hot sauce that dribbles out for 5 seconds. after about a month or so, they usually dont work, and they're so awkward to use.. i wish every woman had the wits and training to legally arm themselves and use deadly force to prevent themselves from being another victim. I know women who have survived BRUTAL attacks, and they seem to have a mindset that they arent capable of protecting temselves. They're terrified, but always say something like- "I couldn't shoot someone for any reason, that's murder, etc." Can't wait till my little girl can shoot her first BB gun!!!
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