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Krav is way overlooked in america as a SD tool! At my judo club, we have a 14 year old girl who's fought all over the world and has all kinds of medals. But what shes most interested in is hardcore self-defense. She willl ruin some would-be attacker for life one day (maybe she'll never need to). I think the way the world is going we need to start teaching our daughters how to protect themselves. My daughter is 1 year and when she get about 3 or 4, shes starting some very basic judo. my 7 year old can shoot pretty well, but ain't much of a He's toughening up though.
As far as women go with shooting for self defense, most women I know and meet don't like guns let alone the thought of touching one. My Ol' Lady wants a charter arms southpaw. I never saw a lefty revolver before. I'd rathr buy her a s&w
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