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Pax, I think Gila Hayes has a book back in print? Or a new one? That paragraph you posted from her book, is so succinctly a match to my own background.

Though I was raised by a single parent, in a non-religious household, by a hippy mom, I was still taught to disengage, avoid, de-escalate, and when all else fails, maybe run. I certainly wasn't taught to stand up for myself.

3KBs, I don't think you're really hearing me and I'm not sure if it's possible to change that. You hold views of how the world should be. Those views are preaching to the choir in this venue.

But some of us are trying to talk about past views we've held...or views other women might have. And it seems like those views are so unacceptable and unreasonable to you, that their very existence makes you mad.

Am I reading you right?

I don't think you are typical.
I think most women are FAR removed from pioneer roots of 6-gun Sally.
And I do believe the majority of women are far more likely to react in ways that do not involve fighting back with aggression.

It would be curious to see what percentage of men vs women fight back in crime scenes. But I'd be nearly willing to bet money that men are far more likely to fight back.

As an aside, back to one of your prior posts, you mention women no longer giving a lady-like slap to the face....
That's because most of us realize that if we attempted such a maneuver, it might lead to assault.

Zombieslayer - I love Krav. Wish every woman would study at least a little of it.
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