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Thanks BigJim (hope the furnace stuff went well)

OP - depending on your game - will determine your mount preference. Personally, I shoot sporting about 85%, 5-stand and FITASC about 14% and skeet about 1%. In shooting those disciplines, I prefer low gun for the challenge and to make sure when I shoot FITASC or Int'l Skeet, I am used to low gun, which are required...........I do admit though, when I shoot sporting, I DO premount, then take it low enough to make that "soft mount".....scores are up, even if part of the challenge using this method is slightly down.......

Pick your game, ask questions as to how and what works for your game from your local experts....determine what works for you.

For American skeet, I shoot low gun better with the exception of station 8 - that I shoot pre-mount., but if you ask me about 5-stand or sporting, low gun is the way to go.

figure out what is legal and works for you and go have fun
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