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Originally Posted by bedbugbilly
I don't really mean to "ruffle" anyone's feathers here and that is not my intention. I am just stating that it would be nice to see some documentation to back up the use of spare cylinders, spare cylinder pouches, etc. and perhaps have some original photographs of soldiers utilizing the pouches and photos of original cylinder pouches posted on this forum - if they exist.
Excellent post BBB. For the past forty years I have read period books on the old west expansion and the Indian wars, less on the Civil War. There is discussions of carrying extra revolvers but not extra cylinders. I have two books that reprint much of the Colt sales records, extra cylinders are very rarely mentioned and then only with cased sets.

While I do have extra cylinders for my Remingtons I do not carry them capped. I cap them after they are in the revolver.
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