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LK - I'm not knocking the winchester or marlin at all...In fact, I'm darn near decided on getting a marlin 336 in .338 Marlin Express, as a "Big Brother" to the 464. Also, I was not suggesting that I've put the gun through any sort of torture test (I'm not a gun writer, tester or anyone else associated with the industry and I would rather spend such a personal ammo budget on other things, like a new stove for my hunting camp :-) )... I was just trying to give feedback on my personal observations during the two years of normal use that I've owned it (which happen to correspond with the rifle's two years on the market). Since there's not been much feedback from "in the field" users on this board.

Ultimately, my own declarations are:

1. My mossberg 464 has given me no indication of it being "junk" with this practical experience.
2. Would I recommend it over a winchester or marlin? I dunno, I would probably mention the features I like about it (the accuracy I've witnessed, the extractor works well with scope, lever-pressure safety, tapped for weaver and oddly the little orange cap that lets me know when the magazine tube is empty) -- then I would suggest that the marlin has better chamberings and the winchester has more collector's value (but we can't be as certain of the future of winchester).
3. We should all be excited about a renewal of attention on lever-guns and Hornady, Marlin & Mossberg are largely responsible for the new tide.
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