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Volunteering to support our second amendment rights.

Microtech started a good thread that got me to thinking. How do we better support our second amendment rights through volunteering and education?

Continued ignorance of our rights and of the importance of firearms for civilians, historically and currently, will be the eventual destruction of those rights. Our liberal public schools and media not only won't teach this, but in fact undermine it at almost every opportunity. Volunteer! Get the kids or non-owners out to the range, or out to the field. Teach them how to use a gun, the history, the responsibility. Encourage other gun owners and competitors to do the same. We offer discounts for police and soldiers, as well we should. But what about those tireless volunteers making a difference? Why don't ranges, shops and retailer in the gun industry support volunteers?

What volunteering or education are you doing to support our rights?
What ideas do you have for volunteering or education that others could also do?
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