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How to Protect Our Second Amendment Rights

Set a positive example by being a responsible gun owner.
When you see misinformation printed or reported in the media, send them a letter to set the facts straight.
When you write a letter, use facts, not hyperbole and emotion.
On your e-mail address tag line, put something to like 'I support the Second Amendment.'

Before I began shooting again, I did not know there was a problem with the Second Amendment being under attack. Your average Joe has no idea this could be a problem (I think the media and anti-Second Amendment people would like to keep it that way).
I met a guy while looking for a pistol and we became friends. The more we talked and the more I learned, the more active I became in writing letters and letting people know that most people who carry and use guns are crazed lunatics intent on destruction and mayhem.
Someone, somewhere, posted a statement that politicians are not interested in you and I. They are interested in numbers. The NRA has numbers, your local and state gun clubs have numbers. Join one or more and become active in the right to keep and bear arms (RKBA).
But the biggest thing is to keep to the facts and not fall into using cutesy phrases when talking to others.
My favorite is when talking to the tree hugger who think we should ban all kinds of hunting. Do you know how much money hunters pay in excise taxes to support our national parks and wildlife management? A portion of the money you pay for ammunition is sent to the federal government to be used for wildlife management.
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