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Finally compelled to register

Hello All,

My name is Al and I have lurked here and at a similar site for a number of years. I found these forums through which has been defunct for several years now.

Doc540 posted the picture "Wife and Fallen Warrior" which elicited such emotion in me that I had to post my thought. I appologize for my first post being outside the scope of this forum. It will not happen again.

I live in Florida, have my CCW and my sidearm of choice is a nice old T-series BHP. I enjoy collecting and using ( I was told long ago that you fire your weapon - you shoot your target ) obsolete US battle rifles. I love the smell of old cosmoline and new BLO. Since .30 cal. carbine and M2 Ball are getting scarce and pricey, reloading is in my future. I'll enjoy that too. A cigar, a couple o' scotches and reroll an ammo can of 3006 sounds like a blast.

Well, that's part of who I am. Camping, travelling and visiting old battle grounds begins to drift outside the scope so I'll just thank all you old-timers for answering the questions I didn't have to ask and giving me much insight into myself as a member of an "armed society"

Sincere Regards, Al
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