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First off- thanks to all for giving me your experienced opinions- really appreciate it.
The reloading and the shooting at the range are of interest to me. I also want to settle on just one gun in the hope that I'll be a better wing shooter if I stick with one style rather than several different guns.
On the sling- I can get one of the quick attach styles with Velcro and I agree a sling while shooting is not that good.
To be honest- I was thinking more of a semi-auto but now I am thinking more of an O/U. I know the semi-auto will hold 3 rounds but 2 is usually more than enough- how many times have most of you needed that 3rd shell and did you connect?
If I do opt for the O/U as I understand the single trigger style works like an auto- you just pull the trigger a second time to shoot the other barrel- just as fast as the semi-auto- is that correct?
I will use this gun, at the clay/trap range, duck hunting, turkey hunting, maybe pheasants. I am thinking a 28" barrel would be a good- all around choice- what say you????
There is also a wide range of choices and prices- I assume the $350- 400 guns aren't probably that good and the $1,500 plus guns are likely all pretty good. What about some of the in between choices? Any recommendations?
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