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I know just how you feel about the 1100's. I was always a Pump Gun guy for HD and a O/U for hunting. Well the O/U is still my upland bird gun but a SBE is my Duck gun. They are very reliable and shoot so fast its not even funny.

3 years ago I wanted to start shooting 3 gun but I lacked a Tact Shotgun. I had an 870 for HD but it did not have the extended mag and all that. I did not want to mess it up so I looked for an 1100. I found one that was abused for $155. I turned it into a Remington Compitition master for under 400 Bucks including the price of the gun. I learned a lot about the 1100. Since then I have built guns for 3 other for guys that shoot with me. They are great guns. They have a few faults though;
1. they get hot with extended shooting
2. they are a little temperamental about ammo sometimes, especially reloads.
3. You have to watch how short you cut a barrel down or they will not operate very reliably. 20" is about the minimum without going into the ports
4. Have some spare rings. I have seen one gun fail due to them breaking but it had been shot a lot and was old.
5. Timing the lifter will make you pull your hair out but once you have done it its a POC.
6. Be Careful leaving "one UP the Spout" The safety only blocks the trigger not the sear. I use mine for HD but I keep it in Patrol ready.

Have fun with a classic Auto loader, the one that showed the world a gas gun will work!

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