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Oh, we go now...picking on Trap Shooters and Corvettes......

( I met a young lady - named Tiffany ?? from Scarsdale, NY - many yrs ago, that really liked Corvettes, and guys that drove them, and she had a great pair of --------) ... so I borrowed a Corvette for the weekend from a buddy ....../and we had a great weekend. It worked out ok, but I didn't want either one of them hanging around too long......, all her brains were in her --------, and it just wasn't worth it ..... kind of like a Corvette / and while she was a nice I recall the Corvette was a 72 convertible - and it was a pig .... (but I was a young cadet/not an officer or a gentleman yet, and hormonal ...).

I don't know how that relates to Trap Shooters / but its the only good memory I have of Corvettes ....

On the H&R - I would recommend a "rattle can" of Krylon - your preference on color .....
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