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The target was an aspirin tablet glued to a black target.
So what if two or ten people hit the aspirin in the same round? How do you decide who the winner is? Is it supposed to be luck shot or something? I mean lets be serious, some people here can shoot 3-5 round groups the size of an aspirin at 100yds with a .22lr.

I've done some indoor turkey shoots with .22s at the local American Legion but we always used birdshot with the same concept as the shotgun shoot, closest pellet to the X wins. Sometimes it's takes a caliper or at least a good eye and magnifing glass to determine who is closest.

Too much is given to chance (closest pellet to center)
I think that is the whole point, it's a gambling game, you can buy the best gun, barrel, and choke combo but no one can guide or aim a individual pellet into the X with a shotgun.

Most real turkey shoots to have rules of max barrel length and choke restriction to keep it a game of chance not who has the best gun wins everytime. Most people would get tired of losing their money if they didn't really think they had at least a chance to win.

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