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I like my H&R. It is the right weight and even for their best single shot 12 ga I was only set back $140. When I go hunting it is usually for multiple days in a location which is damp. The finish on it does not appear very corrosion resistant, and by that I mean I kept it on the top bunk of my old bed at my parents for a month after I graduated from college with my 22 bolt gun and pistol and it got a spot of VERY light discoloration/rust on it while the other two were fine. A simple wipe with an oil rag removed it, but I lost my confidence in the finish. I was considering using gun kote on it, but that would not protect the bore or the internal mechanisms. It may in all reality be a beater/truck gun, but I don't want it to look like one. I don't think hard chroming over the original finish is even an option.
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