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On a whim you'd destroy a great commercial competition gun so you can have a "neat" rabbit gun...So you'd take a $1,500 to $2,000 gun that you got cheap and can sell for twice what you paid for it and make it a near copy of a H&R single shot $100 shotgun...Is that what you're thinking? Just want to make sure I got it correctly!

I'll give you an H&R Deluxe Single shot Shotgun for it right now, sight unseen...Then again, maybe not...If it is so badly beaten up that the only hope for it is a "wascally wabbit gun" I'd ask to see pictures first...Hell, with it, I can sand the stock and sell that, re-blue the barrel and action and sell those! OK, deals back on and I'll even include an 18½" barrel with it...

You don't want it, sell it and buy 10 single shot shotguns with the money, one in every available barrel length...You don't want it, trade it in for something that you do want--it would make for a substantial down payment on a Perazzi or Krieghoff or Blaser or etc...

You don't want it, donate it to a charity auction for a tax credit...

You don't want it, there are many alternatives available to you but please, whatever you do, don't destroy a true classic trap gun...Paint it pink and give it to your daughter/wife/sister/mistress/gay friend/aunt/cousin but don't destroy it...
There is a certain type of mentality that thinks if you make certain inanimate objects illegal their criminal misuse will disappear!

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