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It's sacrilege, but chopped older guns usually make up for it in cool factor. Resell to someone who wants to keep it original. I wouldn't chop it, but I'd be considering it just like you. Look for the Ivers & Johnson or an old JC Higgins pump for that purpose, even though you want a single shot. Pre H&R New England Firearms maybe? Probably going to laugh me out of the thread, but my first gun was a 20 Gauge HR Pardner single shot in '94 or '95. I shot COUNTLESS rounds and killed all kinds of beasties with it without a malfunction that wasn't a result of improper maintenance and was still taking it out shooting when I sold it 6 months ago to a new owner who'll probably get countless more out of it. The patterns were pretty quality too! Look for a used one and modify from there.

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