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I, like the previous posters, have both auto and O/Us and auto. The vast majority of my shooting is skeet where I prefer a smooth swinging tubed O/U. I have them in both 28 and 30-inch barrel models and light and heavy models. For trap I have a combo with 34 single and 32 double barrels.

All of my guns are target models. The 28-inch light skeet gun (P-SC3) makes a nice upland rig; and, with 28-ga tubes it's a delight to shoot. My R-1100-Trap, with it's long over-bored barrel and full, fuller and fullest screw-in chokes works well for waterfowl.

As oneonceload mentioned, extractor only O/Us are rare. My guns are all ejector models, too. One soon learns how to smoothly and quickly switch the hand from moving the thumb lever to catching the hulls. Many years ago, I shot with Winchester 101s that I converted to extractor only. I found it was actually slower to reload with them and they were a real bother if you were shooting with gloves. I switched them back to ejectors after a few years. I should mention: an ejector model converted to extractor typically provides less shell presentation than a true extractor only model. Also, extractor only models have fewer parts (to go wrong) than selective ejector models.

The MOST IMPORTANT factor will be the fit of the gun and the FEEL in YOUR hands. Try to borrow/rent guns of both types and shoot them. See which ones comes closest to a good fit (that way you'll have minimum adjustments to make). Which one swings better for you? Which one does a better job of reducing the felt recoil? Which one is aesthetically more pleasing to you?
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