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Okay, you lost me on how it is that you were trying to explain what shear mouth is based on the examples you provided.

A bunch of pointed tips on cheek teeth are indicative of a younger animal. WIth the shears, this may be difficult to determine, but I'd say the 5.5 yr animal here;
That is terrific. Of course, the picture identifies it as a 5 1/2 year old (and the pic apparently comes from the USGS )

The visible root on the outside of the tooth is all you have to see with abnormal wear.
So you are saying that alveolar resorption indicates abnormal wear? I can see roots on both the buccal and lingual sides in the OP's image.

If their wearing on their sides, as in the outside is here, they are getting abnormal wear. Even the teeth from back to front have very different wear angles. No doubt that is a very old deer.
Please highlight the image and show me what is wear on the outside of the teeth.
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