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it can be done, but....

Stalking, which some call still hunting, is a lost art. Hunting from elevated stands and ground blinds is much more productive for most of us, me included.

My family use to do a lot of still hunting for deer, w/ rifle and bow. Its not so much, "see a deer, now sneak up" as it it is move through known deer cover and one goes by in range.

I've killed exactly one deer from the ground w/ a bow, in thick cover, during severe high winds. It crossed a cow path as I was walking back to the truck.
I shed the stand and slipped down there and got a shot, which is contrary to the above but my story.

REcurve's are sufficient deer medicine, but the hunter needs to know his limitations. Range is greatly reduced. I cannot imagine flint heads being desirable over steel except for a stunt, and the deer deserves better than this. Many states require steel heads anyhow.

Watch some of the old Barry Wenzel bowhunting tapes, "Bowhuting October Whitetails, etc, a recurve/instinctive shooting can be deadly. Always wanted to, but could not practice enough to be efficient, and pulleys and sights make me a better shot w/ less practice. Also, I started having joint/tendon trouble from shooting year round.

All of this applies to whitetails, which is my only experience.
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