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Most people don't have any idea what it takes to pattern a shotgun well and give up before finding the best choice. Most all full chock barrels will not shoot 0,00 or 000 to it best. They will typicaly shoot 1buck much better but you still need to buy most brands and both the 2 3/4 and 3" to pattern. Some might even like 4 buck better but at the loss of energy at longer ranges. Now the long range part of this. You can with most long barrel full chock shotguns get to shoot a pattern that will kill deer at upwards to 100yards. BUT your shoulder will be junk buy this time. Bring friends,large dumb ones to help shoot and place a rolled up towel between your shoulder and but stock. If you have a cylinder bore don't expect any real range from a shot of any kind if the bore is improved or modified you might luck in to a good combo of one of the 0 series of shot that works good but at some what shorter ranges, maybe out to 60 yards + or = If the barrel is a shorty don't expect much from any for range . You just flat need a 26" tube or more to get all you can out shot gun shells. have fun
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