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Let's talk about Full Auto...


Let's begin with the fact that i'm still a washington resident, (No full auto, no way no how) but i'm currently living in Oregon, I'm trying out a new job. IF I decide this is where I want to stay then i'll go ahead and change my address and become an Oregon Resident. But right now i'm just testing the waters of this job and area. That being said, I heard rumors of Oregon state citizens being able to (and here's where my information is most likely wrong) pay $200 and get "Endorsed" to own a "Class III destructive weapons permit" (I'm sure most of that is wrong but it's what i heard 'round the watering hole)

So if that's true,

1) Can I (I,being a non-felon, non-crazy, normal, legal citizen of america who is not planning terror) get a "License or permit" to own a Full Auto weapon

2) What are the stipulations? (I.E. age, money, classes, background/training)

3) After I get it, Where/How would I go about getting a full auto weapon, as they seem MORE than scarce. (Nothing fancy like an AUG, or FAL, just something like a middle of the road all-wood furnature AK)

4) What's the price difference in guns? (like, a Romanian WASR-10 can be had for $450, what's the same thing full auto gonna cost?)

5) Lastly, is it worth it? Or will I get hassled constantly for it?

Any/All Insight and Advice is Welcomed!

OH! and...

6)If all of this works out, and I do get it, and decide to move back to Wa. Do I have to sell it?
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