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Former skeptic

Greetings, Brother and Sisters.
I am a new contributor, but more than that, I'm a former skeptic when it comes to carrying guns. Allow me to explain.
As you can tell from my nickname, I love sports and consider myself something of a decent athlete. I run, bike and train for half ironman competitions. Politically, I consider myself liberal on most things, conservative on a few. I always opposed CC laws on the grounds that it might lead to more danger for the authorities, as I have friends who are police officers. Like many of you, something has happened to change that view.
The other night, I was jogging in the neighborhood around dusk. I was on a deserted stretch of road when a strange car pulled along side as I ran. It followed me for a short period. Suddenly, a pretty nasty looking dude leaned out of the car window and told me to "drop to the ground!" I was frozen, but kept on running at my steady pace, ignoring this person. It all happened so fast. I could see out of the corner of my eye something shiney and metallic in his hand. It was either a gun or a knife. A few yards along, he yelled again, "I said, drop to the ground, mfer!!!" My first instinct was to speed up, so I ran faster which led him to drive faster to keep up with me. At that point, I realized my only hope was to sprint behind the car before he stopped and got out, and head us a side street which I knew led to a McDonalds'. I managed to run away, and lose him, and I made it ok, and sat in Micky D's for a good while before I calmed down.
Suffice to say, it was the closest I'd ever come to dying, and I knew it. There has been a rash of muggings and breakins in our area over the past month. Can't say it's the same person, but anyway, it sure changed my thinking. I believe we should have the right to carry a concealed weapon. I think we can actually help our sisters and brothers in law enforcement.
So now I come to you and ask you if you can recommend a handgun that would be best suited for a person like me who can CC it during a jog or a bike, as I have been almost attacked by some pretty nasty pitbulls on occasion as well. I'm thinking something in the 9mm or 40cal range, as I think 45 might be too much right now. Also semi-auto with both single and double action. I've been doing some cramming on weapons over the past week, but I still need some advice.
Thank you for your time, and I will anxiously await your sure to be thoughful and thorough replies.
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