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The Marlin 450 is an interesting caliber. I have shot 45-70 Hammerheads through a Marlin Guide gun, have owned 2 Marlin 45-70s, shot bison and elk flat out with the 45-70. But my absolute favorite big boomer is my Marlin 444 ported guide gun. Washington Fish and Game studies ranked the 444Marlin as a very adequate grizzly stopper, above the 300Win Mag and 45-70. I'm sure the 450 is a good hunting caliber, and can be shot well, IMO with a good recoil pad. But 444Marlin is easy to reload, and works for me. Currently factory loads for 444 are cheaper than 450. Though I did see some close out prices at my gun store for the Hornady loads, that made me consider, for a moment about getting a 450Marlin.
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