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yes, but the imported parts count, I have understood this applies to rifles assembled in the us from imported parts... or do factory rifles count also?
922r only counts for Title II (i.e.-non NFA guns). So in other words you can't import an evil black rifle out of parts that are exclusively foreign (i.e. a German-made HK94 parts kit can't be assembled into an HK94, unless you add a certain number of American parts).

BUT, since NFA items are exempt from 922r, you can take a German-mad MP5 parts kit and build an SBR MP5, or take a Saiga 12, register it as an SBS & add put all evil features you want & not have to worry if their American made or not.

However, you can't import NFA items for sale to the general public (HK can't make a semi-auto SBR and import it into America, nor could Saiga make a SBS and import it into America, unless it's for LE or a dealer).

So basically as long as the weapon is imported into the states as a "normal" non-NFA gun & you register it as an NFA item after it's here, you can do whatever you want on it (as long as you don't make it full-auto or anything)
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