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I hunted blacktail deer for years with a recurve bow (Bear Kodiak 55 lb recurve, cedar arrows, broadheads, 31" draw), and even though it's difficult it's not impossible. Hunting in brushy areas, it's pretty straightforward, although not easy. You learn to move, learn to keep the wind in your face, learn to draw, anchor, and shoot all in a smooth, reflexive movement. When I moved to Nevada, I had to change tactics because there is little cover to use. Again, challenging but not impossible. But knapping your own braodheads and cutting/straightening/drying your own shafts is just too much (first time he swallows a shard or shivers a shaft and has to be operated on, he will likley quit the nonsense). I would tell him to get a life. Hunting is about harvesting game, not how you do it or what tools you use. There is no glory in using tools that were abandoned centuries ago in favor of more effective tools. And if thinks that's how the Indians hunted, tell him to do more research.
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