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Hi everyone.

I've mostly lurked here for a long time, and have bought and sold a few things via the forums. At one time ages ago I was a regular on the rec.guns newsgroup and some other firearms sites, but life is just too busy with different hobbies and interests, a family to attend to, and so on. I'm still a member of the API List email group for Gunsite grads.

Besides taking General Pistol under Jeff Cooper and crew at Whittington in '97, I've also taken classes from some other folks in my area, like Walt Marshall. I've been an NRA-certified instructor and RSO, and I've taught other outdoor-related classes like GPS, map & compass, and land navigation professionally. I've volunteered with a small local search & rescue team for ages, and have played the bad guy many times in Simunitions training with the town's PD and SWAT team. I'm an NRA benefactor member, and for the last 15+ years have worked in the tech sector here in Silicon Valley.

- Dave
"An unarmed man can only flee from evil, and evil is not overcome by fleeing from it." - Jeff Cooper
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