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Sounds great... Have him walk to the lease. Tan the hide and make his own clothing. Make his own bow (Osage Orange trees work best) make his own shafts (dogwood and black locust work well) fletch his shafts and of course nap his arrow heads. Don't forget traditional knives are of course out... He needs to make his knives from either antlers or nap them from flint.

Once he fulfills all of those requirements then he is hunting traditionally.

Of course tradition would preclude returning to a house with central heat and air. Refrigeration is out of the question.

To answer the question, spot and stalk with a re-curve can be done. There are, however, much more productive methods to take game. If that is your interest than I am happy for you and will admire your skill and perseverance. I myself prefer a more modern bow.

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